Hathi connects to major social media platforms & data sources.

What do people say about your brand on social media?

All your data in one place

Your data is fragmented, but it doesn’t have to be. We connect to your data sources and centralize all your data so you can access your single source of truth in one unified view. Only you can access your data.

Get unique insights powered by AI

Hathi AI will analyze your data to provide you with important insights that can improve the state of your business in real-time. Have a question? Engage in a conversation with Hathi AI and get personalized recommendations and advice!

Visualize your insights directly on screen

Visualize your targets and break down your annual objectives into quarterly, monthly and weekly targets. Hathi AI will predict how likely you are to reach your goals and will even give recommendations to help you along the way.

We believe in Win-Wins

We love helping companies become better and more profitable through the power of data. Here's why you should try Hathi AI today.

Complimentary Data Analyst call

Hathi AI gives all customers a complimentary 1 hour video call with one of our senior data analysts to help you maximize the potential of our platform for your business.

End-to-end support, fast and seamless

We will provide you with all the support needed to get started with Hathi AI. But it does not end here, if you run into problems or have general questions, just let us know and we will help you within minutes.

Your data only belongs to you

Your data will never be shared with anyone else. Hathi AI is fully compliant with GDPR & other privacy laws.

Clear and transparent information

Every KPI and metric comes with a clear definition of data sources and formulas used in Hathi's calculations.

Let our AI do the heavy lifting for you

Hathi AI has been trained to analyze and simulate thousands of business scenarios unique to every customer. Let our technology do the work so you can put efforts on execution.

Try before you buy!

Try Hathi AI with our 14-day free trial. Only continue using the service if you are happy with what we can offer!

Thoughts from our first users

“The team behind Hathi really understand e-commerce and the painpoints we face with our data. Great tool!”
"Super-friendly team at Hathi and they have really made it super simple for us to work more data-driven"
"I love the Customer Voice feature where I can now get a quick and in-depth analysis of all my customer reviews!"

Pricing - Coming soon!

Try for free & Share your feedback with us!

Premium plan
Monthly pricing that automatically adjusts based on your transaction volume.
All available data connectors
Unlimited users
Unlimited orders/month
Unlimited users
Ask Hathi.AI (Beta)
Set target for each API
2 monthly newsletter with data insights
Unlimited orders/month
BI-support for dashboard customisation
BI-support for other data-related queries
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