The Hathi Story

We previously founded one of Sweden’s first express grocery delivery services and grew the business in a short period of time to large volumes and sales numbers. Keeping up with the growth was painful and we realized we were not as data-driven as we would have wanted to be. To overcome this problem, we hired some of the most brilliant data minds available and built a data-warehouse unifying all our data. Our data team was overloaded building dashboards and reports for our marketing team, our operations team, supply chain team and management reports to track our daily business.

We soon understood that not every company has the luxury of putting together an expensive data team. With this insight our vision today is to make it possible for up-and-coming brands on Shopify and WooCommerce to have control over its own data and hence was born.

Our name, Hathi, means Elephant in Hindi. The Elephant symbolize wisdom, knowledge, memory and power which is why we decided it was a fitting name for us. Our mission we are on is to empower our loving customers with knowledge and data.

The Team Behind

Sunil Dutt

Ex-Senior Strategy Manager for Telenor
Ex-Founder Vembla - top 10 startups in Sweden 2020/2021/2022.
Industrial Engineer at KTH, Sweden.

Rahul Gupta

Ex-Consultant for Big Data and BI for Myanmar Post & Telco and Telenor.
Accountant by profession.

Sales & Marketing
Sebastian Malmberg

Previous Co-Founder of Vembla & Happy Pancake - a leading Nordic dating-service.
MBA Stockholm School of Economics.

Senior Advisor | CEO Modulai
Magnus Isenberg

Advisor & investor in Startups where AI is key for value creation incl. Boappa,, Floxrobotics. AI & ML advisor for startups.

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